Contemporary Art - Oil painting - Japanese Artist - Fumihiro Kato

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View larger image.Oil Painting 12 canvas painting Fudo Myo War Peace Nature Earth Sun Sword Sake by Japanese Artist Fumihiro Kato
Original Art 12 Oil on canvas 91.0cm by 72.7cm
Fudo Myoo

Fudo Myoo is embodiment of the Sun,
and directs the anger at

War and Nature destruction on Earth.

Fudo is ' Helios ' who punishes vice and loves peace on Earth.

Helios has a sword in his right hand
and ropes to bind vice in his left hand.

But he gives up foolish humans
and starts to have a 'Tokkuri ', with Sake.

Humans are in question,

'What should people do themselves ?'.

Copyright (C) 2004→ Fumihiro kato, All rights reserved.