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View larger image.Oil Painting 15 canvas painting Couple rocks Landscape Rocks Sea Waves Wind No War No Racial discrimination by Japanese Artist Fumihiro Kato
Original Art 15 Oil on Canvas 72.7cm by 91.0cm
Link the world

The waves and splashes represent children of various races
who are holding hands and linking together.

Some are flipping over, some are screaming with joy.

Nevertheless they are holding hands
with each other and united with the wave.

The big male-rock and the small female-rock exist in Japan.
These rocks symbolize the prosperity of descendents.

Here, listen to them carefully.....
you can hear voices of children from all over the world
playing merrily together !

Wind fairies are also happily watching the children.

Human must be united.

We shall not destroy this beautiful earth.

--- This artwork was created from such Fumihiro's hope.

Copyright (C) 2004→ Fumihiro kato, All rights reserved.