Contemporary Art - Oil painting - Japanese Artist - Fumihiro Kato

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View larger image.Oil Painting 25 canvas painting Koropokkur Fantasy Moon Star by Japanese Artist Fumihiro Kato
Original Art No.25 Oil on canvas 91.0cm by 72.7cm

Koropokkur are trying to get the moon
reflected on the surface of the limpid lake
, enjoying merrily together.

The leaves are flying through the air
, into the wonderful starry sky.

Koropokkur is fairy in Ainu legend
which loves nature, peace and really likes to play a trick.

The moon and stars light the earth. How wonderful !

This painting represents the beauty of nature in a fantastic form
by Fumihiro, who hopes such lasting beautiful earth.

Copyright (C) 2004→ Fumihiro kato, All rights reserved.