Contemporary Art - Oil painting - Japanese Artist - Fumihiro Kato

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View larger image. Oil Painting H17 canvas painting Abstract Animal Butterfly Vegetable Hakusai by Japanese Artist Fumihiro Kato
Original Art H17 33.3 by 24.2cm Oil on canvas

Why are you so surprised? What happen?
Are you getting confused about which season is now?

Hakusai (a vegetable) taste sweet and delicious
as it is frosting in Japan but...

Not Now !

Why are Hakusai harvested
even though its not time for it?

The weather was clearly stranger
than ever before, all over the world.

Maybe, the vegetable and butterfly
got a sense of it soon.
They are crying out.

Save the environment ! Humans, Return to origin !

There are many paths elsewhere on this painting.
We have walked along the paths.
This is a maze to figure out seriously for ourselves.

Copyright (C) 2004→ Fumihiro kato, All rights reserved.